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'Marhala – Highlights from the Dalloul Collection: A Remarkable Showcase of Arab Art's Rich Legacy

'Marhala – Highlights from the Dalloul Collection: A Remarkable Showcase of Arab Art's Rich Legacy

This November, Christie's will play host to a truly exceptional event that promises to be a milestone moment in the annals of Arab art auction history. Titled 'Marhala – Highlights from the Dalloul Collection,' this eagerly awaited auction is set to dazzle art connoisseurs and collectors alike, paying homage to the Middle Eastern creative spirit with a curated selection of 48 extraordinary artworks.

The Dalloul Collection, known for its rich tapestry of contemporary Arab art, will take center stage at this prestigious event. This treasury of artistic treasures spanning six decades is a testament to the enduring passion for creativity fostered by the Dalloul family. Founded by the visionary Ramzi Dalloul and Saeda El Husseini Dalloul, the collection has continued to evolve under the capable stewardship of their son, Basel Dalloul, and the Ramzi and Saeda Dalloul Art Foundation (Daf) based in Beirut.

The Marhala auction is not just a gathering of art pieces; it is a celebration of the legacy of a family deeply committed to nurturing artistic talent and preserving it for future generations. In the words of Basel Dalloul, "My father was a visionary art collector, who continued to collect until his passing in 2021. I continue his legacy of collecting and am committed to supporting new and emerging talent across the region while bringing these masterpieces to the attention of a new generation of collectors around the world." This commitment is a heartfelt testament to the enduring dedication of the Dalloul family.

Art enthusiasts will be enthralled by the dazzling array of masterpieces from luminaries such as Mahmoud Said, Mohamed Melehi, Etel Adnan, Samia Halaby, Dia Al Azzawi, Inji Efflatoun, and Ibrahim El-Salahi. Each piece represents a unique facet of Middle Eastern creativity, bringing together a tapestry of experiences, emotions, and cultures that have shaped the region's artistic identity.

Among the star attractions, Mahmoud Said's "Fille a l'imprime" is anticipated to steal the spotlight, its estimated value ranging from $455,000 to $715,000. The profound symbolism and evocative expressions in Marwan Kassab-Bachi's works, including "Kopf links gedreht" and the rare "Marionette," are expected to captivate art enthusiasts, offering a deep and contemplative viewing experience.

The appeal of the Marhala auction extends beyond the confines of London. Several select pieces were recently showcased at Frieze London, where they captivated a diverse audience of art enthusiasts. As anticipation for the auction reaches its zenith, a curated selection of these artworks will be on display at Christie's Dubai branch from October 23 to 26. Following this, a London preview will take place from November 1 to 8, offering art aficionados a captivating glimpse into the timeless elegance and cultural depth encapsulated within the Dalloul Collection.

The Marhala auction is more than just a commercial event; it is a testimony to the enduring influence of art in the Arab world and the dedication of collectors who have made it their life's mission to preserve this heritage. As these treasures go under the hammer, they represent a bridge between the past and the future, celebrating the enduring spirit of creativity in the Middle East.

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