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Ralph Laren Returns To NYFW With A Rustic Romantic Collection

Ralph Lauren is back on the New York Fashion Week scene after a four-year hiatus, and he brought with him a collection that celebrates the freedom of personal style and the individuality of a woman. The Spring 2024 collection, which was presented in a warehouse on the Brooklyn Navy Yard, was a mix of rustic and romantic, sophisticated and vibrant, timeless and modern.

The show then moved on to a series of black and gold looks that played with the house codes of Ralph Lauren. The RL logo was featured prominently on a beaded black dress, a leather jacket, and a sweater vest. The military jacket, another signature of the brand, was belted over silky pants and strappy heels for a chic contrast. The showstopper of this section was Christy Turlington’s gold lame one-shoulder gown that sparked under the lights.

The final group of looks was inspired by men’s neckties, which Lauren transformed into silk foulards that were wrapped and draped into halter tops, sarongs, and pajama pants. The colors were rich and jewel-toned, ranging from purple to green to red. Some of the dresses were cut on the bias and fringed at the edges, creating movement and fluidity. A madras print criss-cross bodice gown was an unexpected but delightful combination that showcased Laurent’s knack for mixing patterns and textures.

The Spring 2024 collection was a testament to Lauren’s position as one of the most influential and enduring American designers. He has been in the business for 56 years, and he still manages to surprise and delight his fans with his vision and craftsmanship. He also proved that he can adapt to the changing times and cater to the diverse tastes of his customers. As he said in his show notes, “This collection reflects my own personal style – one that is forever evolving – influenced by the character of different women I have known through my life who have defined their own individuality”.

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