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Rescued White Tiger Cub Finds Home At German Sanctuary

A rare white tiger cub rescued from a private owner in the Czech Republic has found a new home at a sanctuary in Germany this week, animal welfare group FOUR PAWS said on Thursday.

The group, with the help of the Czech Environment Ministry, transferred the tiger, named Charlota, to its TIERART Wild Animal Sanctuary on Wednesday, from a Czech zoo that had been its temporary home after Czech authorities confiscated it last year.

Authorities have seized Charlota from its private owner after the individual posted pictures on it social media, prompting an investigation.

Police are still investigating how the person obtained the rare animal.

Under Czech law, owners can keep a tiger if they can show legal origin and acquisition, FOUR PAWS said.

"The young tigress is one of thousands of big cats that fall victim to the commercial illegal trade in Europe every year", the group said.

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