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Scented Elegance: Abu Dhabi Perfume Exhibition Elevates Luxury at the Sheikh Zayed Festival

In a celebration of olfactory artistry and sensory indulgence, the second edition of the Abu Dhabi Perfume Exhibition is set to grace the Sheikh Zayed Festival at Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi, from December 27th to January 10th, 2024. As part of the festival's commitment to unveiling new and exquisite events, this aromatic extravaganza is organized by Rose Touch Events and promises to be a highlight for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

A Fragrant Affair: Uniting Local and International Perfumers

With the participation of distinguished local, regional, and international brands in the fragrance industry, the Abu Dhabi Perfume Exhibition curated by Rose Touch Events is poised to be a sensory journey like no other. As the world converges at Al Wathba, perfume aficionados will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of scents, exploring the latest offerings from renowned perfumers.

Warda Abdullah Al Mahri, General Manager of Rose Touch, expressed her gratitude for the support provided by the wise leadership in empowering women to take on leading roles in their communities. The Abu Dhabi Perfume Exhibition, she notes, stands as a testament to the commitment of women in achieving economic and professional success across various sectors.

Al Mahri commended the efforts of the Sheikh Zayed Festival's organizing committee, highlighting the event's significance in positioning Abu Dhabi as a global hub for cultural events, exhibitions, and conferences. She emphasized that the Abu Dhabi Perfume Exhibition is not only a testament to Rose Touch Events' commitment but also one of the most significant events of its kind in Abu Dhabi and the region.

Preserving Traditions: A Scented Exploration of Emirati Identity

Beyond the aromatic allure, the Abu Dhabi Perfume Exhibition aims to promote and celebrate local Emirati identity and customs related to incense, fragrance, and perfumes. Emirati companies will showcase authentic Arabian fragrance ingredients, including the revered oud, amber, and musk. Visitors can expect to delve into the rich tapestry of Emirati scents, connecting with the cultural heritage woven into each fragrance.

The exhibition will feature an array of perfume sellers and manufacturers, Arabian incense producers, and international perfume creators. The experience promises to be an immersive exploration, allowing visitors to sample and shop from a diverse range of offerings while engaging with the stories and traditions behind each fragrance.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts: A Perfumed Extravaganza

Visitors to the Sheikh Zayed Festival who venture into the Abu Dhabi Perfumes Exhibition will be treated to exclusive discounts and offers from participating companies. Aromatic delights await Festival visitors, creating an unparalleled shopping experience where luxury meets affordability.

Consultations with the “Godfather of Fragrance”

Breaking new ground in the world of perfume exhibitions, the event will feature free consultations by the renowned "godfather of fragrance," expert perfumier Yasser Al Hawaiti. Perfume aficionados and companies will have the unique opportunity to gain insights and guidance from a true maestro, adding an educational and personalized touch to the fragrance exploration.

Savor the Scents: Festival Delights Until March 2024

The Sheikh Zayed Festival, welcoming visitors daily until March 9th, 2024, invites the public to savor memorable moments with family and friends. From 4:00 PM to midnight on weekdays and extending until 1:00 AM during weekends and public holidays, the festival provides a diverse range of events, activities, and competitions suitable for all age groups.

As the Abu Dhabi Perfume Exhibition unfolds its fragrant tapestry, visitors can expect a luxurious and sensorial experience that transcends the ordinary. In the heart of Al Wathba, a world of scented elegance awaits, promising to leave an indelible mark on those seeking to explore the harmonious blend of tradition and luxury.

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