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TeamLab Borderless Museum: A New Cultural Epicenter in Jeddah

TeamLab Borderless Museum: A New Cultural Epicenter in Jeddah

This summer, the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is set to become a beacon of digital art and innovation as it welcomes its own TeamLab Borderless Museum, marking the famed attraction’s first Middle East location.

The renowned Japanese art collective, TeamLab, is bringing a new digital art museum to the Middle East, in a groundbreaking partnership with the Saudi Ministry of Culture. Slated to open its doors this summer, the TeamLab Borderless Museum will be nestled in the Historic District of Jeddah, bringing its signature immersive installations from Tokyo closer to home.

The museum, sprawling over an area of 10,000 square meters, will overlook the serene Lake Al-Arbaeen, offering stunning views of Historic Jeddah, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As the first permanent museum of its kind in the Middle East, TeamLab Borderless Jeddah will feature artworks that move out of rooms, communicate with other works, influence, and sometimes intermingle with each other in a symphony of independent yet interlinked works.

TeamLab Borderless Museum: A New Cultural Epicenter in Jeddah

These include the Borderless World, known to house artworks that form connections and relationships with people, and the Athletics Forest, a creative athletic space based on the concept of understanding the world through the body and thinking about the world three-dimensionally. The Future Park, an experimental educational project based on the concept of collaborative creation (co-creation), and the Forest of Lamps, an artwork composed of resonating light that changes based on the relationship between the people in the artwork space, are equally noteworthy.

Meanwhile, TeamLab is also preparing for the launch of a different attraction in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Currently at 70% completion, this purpose-built structure is a 17,000-square-meter experiential art space in Saadiyat Cultural District, said to ignite curiosity, imagination, and creativity in all who visit.

In conclusion, the arrival of TeamLab Borderless Museum in Jeddah marks a significant milestone in the cultural landscape of the Middle East. It promises to captivate audiences, redefine the traditional museum experience, and firmly establish Jeddah as a global hub for art, technology, and creativity.


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