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The Future Of Tourism: Saudi Arabia's Red Sea Project Unveils Its Stunning Sheybarah Resort

Saudi Arabia is known for its ambitious and visionary projects that aim to transform the kingdom into a global hub for tourism, culture, and innovation. One of these projects is Red Sea Global (RSG), a company that is developing a series of luxury resorts on the pristine islands of the Red Sea.

One of the most stunning and futuristic resorts that RSG is working on is the Sheybarah Resort, located on Sheybarah Island, about 45 minutes by boat from the mainland. The resort, which is scheduled to open in 2024, will offer guests an unparalleled experience of living in harmony with nature and enjoying breathtaking views of the sea and the sky.

The Sheybarah Resort is designed by Dubai-based Killa Design, a firm that specializes in creating innovative and sustainable architecture. The resort will feature 73 cantilevered accommodation pods that will be suspended above the coral reefs, giving guests the feeling of floating in a marine paradise. The pods will have spacious interiors with sliding doors that open to decks, seating areas, and infinity pools. Each pod will also have panoramic views of the sea and the horizon.

The resort will also showcase its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The resort will be powered solely by a centralized solar farm and will have a solar-powered desalination plant to provide fresh water. The resort will also recycle its waste on-site, reducing the need for material transportation. The facade of the resort will be made of highly reflective stainless-steel orbs that will weigh around 150 tons. These orbs will not only create a striking visual effect but also optimize energy efficiency by reflecting nearly 100 percent of solar gain.

The Sheybarah Resort is one of the many projects that RSG is developing as part of the Red Sea Project, a giga-project that aims to create a new tourism destination on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. The project will span over 28.,000 square kilometers and will include 50 islands, several luxury resorts, a new international airport, and various cultural and recreational attractions. The project is expected to attract over one million visitors per year and create over 70,000 jobs by 2030.

The Red Sea Project is also one of the key initiatives under Saudi Vision 2030, a strategic plan that seeks to diversity the kingdom's economy, enhance its social and cultural development, and improve its global reputation. The project reflects Saudi Arabia's vision of becoming a leader in sustainable tourism and hospitality, as well as a destination for adventure, discovery, and relaxation.


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