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The New Compass: FII Institute's Theme For Its 7th Edition Of The Future Investment Initiative

The New Compass: FII Institute's Theme For Its 7th Edition Of The Future Investment Initiative

The Future Investment Initiative Institute (FII Institute), a global nonprofit foundation with an investment arm and one agenda: Impact on Humanity, has announced the theme of its upcoming 7th Edition of the Future Investment Initiative: The New Compass, to take place from October 24-26, 2023 in Riyadh.

The flagship conference which will be exclusive to FII Institute members, strategic partners and their guests, decision-makers, and international leaders, will highlight the impact of global dialogues in navigating today's uncertain times.

"As a symbol of guidance and direction, the compass represents the interconnectedness of all directions. More than ever in these current unpredictable times, it is essential for the FII community to come together to redesign a new compass as a tool for navigation and inspiration", FII Institute CEO Richard Attias said, as commenting on the theme of the flagship conference.

The conference is expected to draw 5000 delegates to be inspired by 500 speakers on a wide variety of timely topics. These conversations will continue to be driven by data, as FII Institute's members emphasize the importance of using objective data as opposed to subjective opinions in adding dimensions to the discussions.

The FII Institute focuses on four critical areas: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics, Education, Healthcare and Sustainability. It focuses great minds from around the world and turns ideas into real-world solutions and actions that have a positive impact on humanity.

The FII Institute is also known for its innovative initiatives, such as the NEOM Challenge, which aims to find solutions for the world's most pressing e issues, and the FII Institute COVID-19 Response Framework, which provides a comprehensive analysis of the pandemic's impact on various sectors and regions.

The FII Institute invites anyone who shares its vision and mission to join its community and become a member. Members can access exclusive benefits, such as invitations to the flagship conference and other events, access to data and insights, networking opportunities, and more. To learn more about the FII Institute and how to become a member, visit its website at


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