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A Culinary Voyage: Aroya Cruises Partners with Culinary Arts Commission to Showcase Authentic Saudi

A Culinary Voyage: Aroya Cruises Partners with Culinary Arts Commission to Showcase Authentic Saudi Cuisine

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the Culinary Arts Commission and Aroya Cruises are set to bring the flavors of Saudi Arabia to the high seas through the Irth Culinary Boutique & Café. Cruise Saudi Company, the entity overseeing this innovative venture, recently announced the partnership, marking a significant step towards providing an exceptional tourism experience that showcases the rich heritage and culinary artistry of the Kingdom.

Aroya Cruises, launched in 2023 as the first cruise line in Saudi Arabia, aims to redefine cruise experiences by blending unique design elements tailored to Arab markets with a commitment to showcasing the authentic hospitality of the Kingdom. The collaboration with the Culinary Arts Commission is a key component of Aroya Cruises' vision to offer passengers an immersive and distinctive culinary journey while aboard their ships.

The Irth Culinary Boutique & Café will be the first Saudi restaurant and café onboard a cruise ship, introducing passengers to a diverse array of dishes crafted from high-quality Saudi products and sources. This initiative aligns with the broader goals of the Culinary Arts Commission, established in 2020, which has been dedicated to promoting traditional Saudi culinary arts on both local and international platforms, positioning the Kingdom as a premier gourmet destination.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, renowned for its rich heritage and history, is set to extend its warm hospitality to the Irth Restaurant's patrons. To ensure an authentic and luxurious experience, the staff at Irth will undergo training provided by the Culinary Arts Commission. This training will equip them to deliver a service that mirrors the distinctive hospitality that defines Saudi culture.

Lars Clasen, CEO of Saudi Cruise, fully owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), expressed pride in the collaboration with the Culinary Arts Commission. He noted, "We are proud to cooperate with the Culinary Arts Commission in launching Irth Restaurant and Café onboard Aroya Cruises ship as one of the important steps to showcase the Kingdom’s heritage and provide the best services to our guests."

Mayada Badr, CEO of the Culinary Arts Commission, emphasized that Irth Café would serve as a tribute to the heritage of Saudi cuisine. The partnership with Aroya Cruises aligns with the commission's ambitious vision of celebrating the Kingdom’s rich cultural tapestry through its culinary traditions.

The launch of Irth Culinary Boutique & Café onboard Aroya Cruises represents not only a culinary milestone but also an opportunity to introduce global travelers to the diverse and flavorful world of Saudi cuisine. As the first cruise line in the Kingdom, Aroya Cruises is setting sail with a commitment to innovation, authenticity, and an unwavering dedication to showcasing the Kingdom's unique cultural treasures to the world.


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