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Aurora: A Desert Inspired By Roman Mythology

Aurora: A Desert Inspired By Roman Mythology

Pierre Herme, the acclaimed French pastry chef and chocolatier, is known for his creative and innovative desserts that combine exquisite flavors, textures, and aesthetics. One of his latest creations is Aurora, a dessert that pays tribute to the Roman goddess of the day, who brings light and beauty to the world.

Aurora is composed of four layers of different elements that harmonize with each other. The first layer is a lemon shortbread biscuit that provides a crunchy base and a tangy contrast to the sweetness of the other layers. The second layer is a souffle biscuit imbibed with bergamot, a citrus fruit that has a floral and aromatic flavor. The third layer is a bergamot gelee and Chantilly cream that adds freshness and lightness to the dessert. The fourth and final layer is a rose mascarpone cream that crowns the dessert with a delicate and fragrant touch.

The dessert is named after Aurora, the goddess of the day in Roman mythology, who is also known as Eos in Greek mythology. According to the legend, Aurora was the daughter of Hyperion, the god of light, and Theia, the goddess of sight. She was married to Astraeus, the god of the stars, and had many children with him, including the winds and the stars. Every morning, Aurora would rise from her bed and ride her chariot across the sky, bringing light and color to the world. She was also associated with roses, as she would scatter them on the earth as he passed by.

Pierre Herme was inspired by this mythological figure to create a dessert that reflects her attributes and qualities. He chose to use lemon, bergamot, and rose as the main flavors, as they evoke the brightness, freshness, and beauty of Aurora. He also used different textures and shapes to create a contrast between the crispiness of the shortbread biscuit, the softness of the souffle biscuit, the smoothness of the gelee and cream, and the roundness of the mascarpone. He also used different colors to create a gradient effect from yellow to pink, resembling the hues of dawn.

Aurora is available in individual, 4 and 8 servings at Pierre Herme Paris shops or online. It is part of Pierre Herme's summer collection of desserts that celebrate nature and life. It is a perfect desert for those who want to enjoy a refreshing and elegant treat that transports them to a mythical world.


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