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Exploring Harmony: Suchi Reddy’s “Shaped by Air” Graces Jeddah’s Art Scene

Exploring Harmony: Suchi Reddy’s “Shaped by Air” Graces Jeddah’s Art Scene

The vibrant cultural landscape of Jeddah has recently been enriched with the public installation "Shaped by Air," a captivating creation by the acclaimed US architect and artist, Suchi Reddy. Unveiled at Art Jameel in collaboration with Abdul Latif Jameel Motors — Lexus, this distinctive piece of art marks a continuation of its global journey, having first mesmerized audiences at Miami’s Institute of Contemporary Art during the 2022 Miami Art and Design Week.

A collaboration borne out of shared values, "Shaped by Air" reflects the dedication of Suchi Reddy and Lexus to the pursuit of impeccably crafted, human-centered, and carbon-neutral design. Reddy, recognized for her holistic approach to architecture and design, has previously showcased her work at prestigious events such as Milan Design Week.

The installation draws inspiration from Lexus' electric sports car designs, aiming to illuminate the tranquility and power of nature while forging a sense of harmony with it, drawing upon the play of light and reflections. The intricate forest of composite shapes, partially crafted from reused materials, beckons viewers to delve into the design concepts behind the innovative vehicle.

Suchi Reddy, hailing from New York, commenced her artistic journey with the founding of Reddymade in 2002, a platform where design is infused with the emotional quality of human engagement within spatial emptiness. Her artistic and architectural endeavors are deeply rooted in research on neuroscience and the arts, resulting in a unique fusion of science and creativity.

Expressing her delight at showcasing her work in Jeddah, Reddy conveyed her anticipation of visiting Saudi Arabia, expressing eagerness to immerse herself in the rich ancient and modern culture of Jeddah. Reflecting on her collaboration with Lexus, Reddy highlighted the shared commitment to innovation and an artistic approach that champions creativity.

The "Shaped by Air" installation invites guests on a journey through a to-scale interpretation of the vehicle, enveloped by a forest of suspended composite shapes, reminiscent of organic, textured leaf-like forms. These elements, produced in vibrant green hues and comprised in part of post-consumer materials, create a captivating environment that subtly alludes to the cut-outs of the renowned French visual artist Henri Matisse.

The interplay of dappled light and an accompanying soundscape, inspired by the wind, further immerses visitors in a harmonious connection with nature. The installation, a fusion of art and technology, will grace Jeddah's cultural landscape until the end of the year, inviting residents and visitors alike to explore the convergence of innovation, sustainability, and artistic expression.

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