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Harry Winston's Dame Earrings: A Rare And Radiant Pair Of Pink Conch Pearls

Harry Winston's Dame Earrings: A Rare And Radiant Pair Of Pink Conch Pearls

Harry Winston, the legendary jeweler and watchmaker, is known for his exquisite creations that showcase the finest diamonds and gemstones in the world. Among his most remarkable pieces are the Dame Earrings, a one-of-a-kind pair of earrings that features 12 conch pearls in different hues of pink.

Conch pearls are among the most rare and coveted treasures on earth. They are not true pearls, but calcareous concretions produced by the Queen conch, a large sea snail that lives in the warm waters of the Caribbean. Unlike oysters pearls, conch pearls have no nacre, but instead display a unique flame-like structure on their surface that gives them a creamy, porcelain-like appearance and a subtle shimmer.

Conch pearls are extremely difficult to find, as only one in every 10,000 to 15,000 shells contains a pearl, and less than 10% of these are of gem quality. The most desirable conch pearls are pink in color, ranging from very pale to intense shades. The color is caused by an organic pigment called porphyrin, which also gives conch meat its pink hue.

Harry Winston's artisans spent over a year searching for 12 conch pearls that matched in size, shape, color, and quality for the Dame Earrings. The result is a stunning pair of earrings that celebrate the beauty and rarity of these natural wonders. The earrings feature two drop-shaped pearls weighing 23.75 carats and 23.35 carats respectively, suspended from a cluster of round brilliant diamonds and smaller conch pearls in various shades of pink. The earrings are set in platinum and have a total weight of 59.92 carats.

The Dame Earrings are part of Harry Winston's Royal Adornments collection, which pays tribute to the House's heritage of creating magnificent jewels for royalty and celebrities around the world. The collection features high jewelry pieces that showcase exceptional diamonds and gemstones in innovative and elegant designs.

The Dame Earrings are a testament to Harry Winston's vision and craftsmanship, as well as his passion for finding and presenting the rarest jewels of the world. They are a dazzling expression of femininity, sophistication, and glamour that only Harry Winston can create.

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