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Hermes Considers Investment in Italian Fashion and Shoe Partners to Strengthen Supply Chain

Hermes Considers Investment in Italian Fashion and Shoe Partners to Strengthen Supply Chain

French luxury fashion house Hermes is exploring the possibility of investing in its Italian fashion and shoe subcontractors, with the aim of further enhancing its supply chain integration. This strategic move underscores Hermes' commitment to maintaining and even raising the standards of quality and craftsmanship that the brand is renowned for.

Eric du Halgouet, Executive Vice President of Finance at Hermes, recently shared insights during a call with analysts regarding the company's potential vertical integration plans. He emphasized that Hermes is open to exploring investments that would solidify its partnerships with certain suppliers that already meet the brand's stringent quality requirements. The focus is on creating synergies with these suppliers to optimize production processes and improve the overall quality of Hermes products.

The trend of vertical integration has been gaining momentum among French luxury conglomerates. Companies such as Kering and LVMH have been reinforcing their control over various production aspects, including eyewear manufacturing, as part of their strategy for growth and quality assurance.

While the majority of Hermes' production facilities are situated in France and are deeply integrated into the company's operations, there are certain Italian suppliers who possess specialized expertise in fashion, particularly in the realms of shoes and clothing. Hermes recognizes the potential to leverage this expertise for enhancing its own offerings. This collaboration with Italian partners may take different forms, ranging from minority or majority investments to the establishment of dedicated production sites exclusively for Hermes products.

Hermes is renowned for its meticulous management of leather goods production. The brand has been gradually expanding its network of workshops in France, ensuring that each new addition upholds the same standards of excellence. Despite the steady growth and demand for its products, Hermes does not foresee any immediate capacity constraints in the years ahead. The company remains committed to preserving the exceptional craftsmanship and quality for which it is celebrated.

This potential investment in Italian subcontractors is indicative of Hermes' dedication to innovation and quality enhancement, ensuring that the brand continues to deliver products that are not only highly sought after but also synonymous with luxury and excellence. As the luxury fashion industry evolves, this move showcases the adaptability of heritage brands like Hermes to embrace change while preserving their core values.


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