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Hermes Launches A Luxurious Leather Case For The AidPods Pro

Hermes Launches A Luxurious Leather Case For The AidPods Pro

If you are looking for a way to elevate your AirPods Pro experience, you might want to check out the new leather case and lanyard from Hermes, the French fashion house known for its high-end accessories.

What Is The Hermes AirPods Pro Case?

The Hermes AirPods case is a leather pouch that fits snugly around your AirPods Pro charging case. It comes in two solid colors: Gold and Bleu Navy, as well as several two-tone color options: Vert Criquet/Vert Bambou, Mauve Sylvestre/Rose Azalee, and Bleu Lin/Etain. The case features a hot stamped Clou de Selle on the back, which indicates the pairing button of the AirPods Pro. The leather is also thin enough to allow wireless charging.

The case also comes with a long adjustable leather strap, which lets you wear your AirPods Pro as a necklace, crossbody, or bag accessory. The strap has a circular Clou de Selle made of palladium brass, which adds some shine and elegance to the design.

The Hermes AirPods Pro case is made of Swift calfskin the same type of leather used for most of the Hermes Apple Watch bands and AirTag accessories. Swift calfskin is an almost smooth leather with a light grain and shine that softens over time. However, it is not water resistant, so you might want to be careful when using it in wet conditions.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Hermes AirPods Pro case is not cheap. It costs $930, which is more than four times the price of the AirPods Pro themselves. The lanyard alone costs $335, which is still mode than the cost of a pair of regular AirPods.

If you are wondering why the case is so expensive, it is because Hermes is a luxury brand that prides itself on its craftsmanship and exclusivity. The case is made in France by skilled artisans who use high-quality materials and techniques. The case also comes with a signature orange box and a dust bag.

Where Can You Buy It?

The Hermes AirPods Prod case is available now on the official Hermes website and select Hermes boutiques. You can also find it on some online retailers such as MacRumors, but be aware that they might charge extra fees or taxes.

The case is compatible with all generations of AirPods Pro, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. However, you might want to hurry up if you are interested in buying one, as they might sell out quickly or become unavailable due to high demand.

Is It Worth It?

The Hermes AirPods Pro case is definitely a luxury item that is not for everyone. It is a way to show off you style and taste, as well as your appreciation for fine craftsmanship and design. It is also a way to protect your AirPods Pro from scratches and dust, while adding some flair and personality to them.

However, it is also very expensive and impractical for some people. It might not be very comfortable or convenient to wear your AirPods Pro around your neck or on your bag. It might also attract unwanted attention or envy from others. And it might not be very durable or resistant to water or stains.

Ultimately, it depends on your personal preference and budget whether you want to buy the Hermes AirPods Pro case or not. If you are a fan of Hermes or love leather accessories, you might find it worth the splurge. If you are looking for something more affordable or functional, you might want to look elsewhere

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