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How Elie Saab Brought The Middle Ages To Life His Fall 2023 Couture Collection

How the Lebanese designer dazzled the Parisian audience with his medieval-inspired collection

Elie Saab, the Lebanese designer known for his exquisite gowns and lavish embroideries, presented his Fall 2023 couture collection at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. The show was inspired by the medieval era, a time of fantasy, romance, and drama.

The collection featured sumptuous fabrics such as velvet, chiffon, silk, and tulle, overlapped with intricate embellishments of sequins, pearls, crystals, and feathers. The silhouettes were figure-defining, with fitter bodices, flared skirts, capes, and trains. The color palette ranged from soft pink and ivory to rich jewel tones of emerald, amethyst, and ruby.

Saab transformed the monastic lines of the Middle Ages into a glamorous celebration of opulence and femininity. He also added some modern touches, such as plunging necklines, sheer panels, and high slits. The models wore veils, crowns, and tiaras, adding to the regal allure of the collection.

The show was a stunning display of Saab's craftsmanship and vision, transporting the audience into a realm of fantasy and beauty. As Vogue's Tiziana Cardini wrote, "Couture will always be a way of transporting women's imagination into a realm of fantasy".

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