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Loro Piana Presents the Cocooning Collection: A Blend of Comfort and Elegance

Loro Piana, the epitome of luxurious fashion and exquisite craftsmanship, is proud to reintroduce its Cocooning Collection, now including a captivating men's collection for the first time. This collection seamlessly marries excellence and innovation, transforming knitted undergarments into the sartorial equivalent of a warm embrace. It embodies a sensory experience that, for the maison, signifies exclusivity and softness in all its forms, resulting in a wardrobe of flowing, relaxed silhouettes that embrace the body with effortless elegance.

This newfound relaxed attitude is artfully expressed through a natural, undyed color palette that preserves the precious characteristics of the highest quality materials. Among these materials is Aircash, an exceptionally fine cashmere yarn that offers both warmth and delightful softness against the skin. The collection also showcases Cashmere Fleece, a novel 100% cashmere knitted fabric meticulously crafted to ensure that the texture is always a standout feature.

In the women's collection, a profusion of raised stripes, sophisticated waffle stitches, delicate ribs, and varying weights enrich shorts and pullovers. These pieces feature round necks or dropped shoulders, exuding a graceful aura.

For her, the color palette transitions to seasonal burgundy in the stretch wool jumpsuit, complemented by a Baby Cashmere shrug. The entire women's collection exudes an overarching theme of bright creams, encompassing everything from cycling shorts in precious cashmere jersey to styles in bouclé Fuzzy Silk fibers.

In the men's collection, sweaters, pullovers, and trousers crafted from Aircash or a blend of cotton, cashmere, and wool possess soft, comfortable volumes, all while maintaining a refined quality.

Completing the collection, Aircash socks, legwarmers, and Cashfur home boots offer a tactile wonder to wear. Cashfur, with its fur-like yet "responsible" texture, pays homage to Loro Piana's finest cashmere. It is blended with an equally exquisite silk yarn to create a soft, ultra-light fabric with warm, cocooning colors.

The collection's overall charm lies in the encompassing sense of comfort, a trademark of Loro Piana, which, when combined with the use of exquisite raw materials, the grace of the silhouettes, and the skillful application of colors, culminates in an aesthetic of sophisticated and timeless elegance, even in one's personal space.

To celebrate the launch of the Cocooning Collection, Loro Piana has collaborated with renowned photographer Alasdair McLellan and stylist Aleksandra Woroniecka. The campaign features models Valentin Humbroich, Rebecca Leigh Longendyke, and Mona Tougaard, as a group of friends spend a day together, surfing and basking in the winter sun, enveloped by the warm embrace of the new Cocooning Collection.

To mark the occasion, Loro Piana hosted an exclusive event on October 10th in a private Villa on Carbon Beach in Malibu. The guests indulged in a Sound Bath, a meditative experience involving resonant sounds that evoke the cocooning feeling of beachside serenity and well-being. The evening continued with a cocktail event featuring a fireside live performance by Aidan Bissett, followed by a seated dinner by Chef Yann Nury.

The Cocooning Collection is now available in select Loro Piana boutiques and on the website It invites individuals to experience the epitome of comfort, luxury, and timeless elegance.

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