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NEOM And McLaren Racing Team Up To Create World's First AI-Designed Racing Car

NEOM And McLaren Racing Team Up To Create World's First AI-Designed Racing Car

The NEOM McLaren Formula E Team has made history by unveiling the world's first motorsport livery designed using generative artificial intelligence (AI). The innovative livery was created to celebrate McLaren Racing's 60th anniversary year at the London E-Prix.

The livery was developed in collaboration between NEOM, a visionary project that aims to build a new model for sustainable living in Saudi Arabia, and McLaren Racing, one of the most successful and pioneering teams in motorsport. The livery features artwork built on visionary of the future provided by NEOM McLaren Formula E Team drivers Rene Rast and Jake Hughes, as well as four members from NEOM's Graduate Development Program. Each contributor provided their personal vision, which was combined in an end-to-end AI process to produce the livery.

The AI process involved three steps: First, the visions were processed by a text AI to create a series of prompts. Next, the prompts were used to create individual artwork for each vision using text-to-image AI. Finally, the six visuals were combined into one artwork using image-to-image AI, being enhanced to create the high-resolution graphics that McLaren Racing designers mapped onto the car.

The result is a stunning and unique livery that reflects the creativity and innovation of both NEOM and McLaren Racing. The livery showcases the colors of NEOM, such as blue, green, and yellow, as well as the shapes and patterns inspired by the futuristic vision of the project. The livery also incorporates elements of McLaren Racing's heritage, such as the iconic papaya orange and the number 60.

Nadhmi Al-Nasr, CEO of NEOM, said: "The NEOM McLaren Formula E team partnership supports various NEOM commitments, from driving sustainable solutions and nurturing Saudi talent through development opportunities to delivering new technology to the world. We have leveraged creative and innovative technology to create the AI-generated livery to celebrate a milestone in McLaren's history through the vision of the future''.

Zac Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing, said: "We are delighted to work with NEOM on the creation of the first AI-designed livery in motorsport. When the car takes its place on the grid in London this weekend, it will mark a key moment in celebration of McLaren Racing's 60th anniversary. McLaren has a long history of innovation in motorsport and beyond, so as we celebrate our past, it's just as important to look to the future and continue to break new ground".

Ian James, Team Principal of NEOM McLaren Formula E Team, said: "The livery is a fantastic way to celebrate our 60th anniversary year and our entry into Formula E. It showcases the creativity and innovation that both NEOM and McLaren Racing share. It also reflects the vision and ambition of our drivers and graduates, who are an integral part of our team. We are looking forward to seeing the livery on track at the London E-Prix".

The NEOM McLaren Formula E Team's world-first AI-designed livery was revealed at a special event at the ExCeL London on July 23, 2023, ahead of the London E-Prix. The event was attended by Nadhmi Al-Nasr, Zak Brown, Ian James, and other dignitaries. The event also featured a panel discussion with the drivers and the graduates who contributed to the livery design.

The livery made its debut on the track at the London E-Prix, where Rene Rast and Jake Huges competed in rounds 12 and 13 of the 2023 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. The London E-Prix marked a special occasion for McLaren Racing. The London E-Prix marked a special occasion for McLaren Racing, as it celebrated its 60th anniversary year in its home country. McLaren Racing was founded by Bruce McLaren in 1963 and has since become one of the most successful teams in Formula 1, IndyCar, and now Formula E.

The NEOM McLaren Electric Racing partnership brings together two organizations committed to creating a better future and supports NEOM's aspirations to be a global leader of sports technology and innovation through collaborations on and off track. The partnership also aims to develop Saudi talent through collaborations on and off track. The partnership also aims to develop Saudi talent through the NEOM McLaren Electric Programme, which will offer a number of graduates from NEOM a 12-month development program with the team.

For more information about the NEOM McLaren Formula E Team and its world first AI-designed livery, you can visit their websites or follow them on social media . You can also watch a video about how the livery was created.


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