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New Murabba Development Company Unveils Visionary Project at MIPIM 2024

New Murabba Development Company Unveils Visionary Project at MIPIM 2024

The 2024 MIPIM exhibition in Cannes served as a platform for the unveiling of a groundbreaking initiative – New Murabba, a transformative urban development project poised to reshape the future of Saudi Arabia. New Murabba Development Company, a leading force in the Kingdom's economic diversification efforts, captivated the audience with its ambitious plans to create the world's most advanced and luxurious city center.

New Murabba envisions a meticulously crafted metropolis catering to a discerning clientele of residents and investors. This haven of unparalleled luxury will offer over 27 million square kilometers of prime real estate encompassing exclusive residential offerings, world-class retail experiences, expansive office spaces, and captivating leisure destinations. Within its meticulously designed districts, 119,000 palatial residences and 9,000 opulent hotel rooms will cater to those who appreciate the finer things in life.

New Murabba transcends mere grandeur, however. Aligned with the "Invest Saudi" initiative, this visionary project embodies the Kingdom's commitment to economic diversification. As a cornerstone of Saudi Vision 2030, New Murabba is designed to foster innovation, sustainability, and cultural vibrancy. The iconic Mukaab, a landmark currently under construction and destined to be one of the largest built structures worldwide, exemplifies this commitment. Excavation for this marvel of engineering has already yielded a staggering 4 million cubic meters of material, a testament to the project's immense scale and ambition.

New Murabba Development Company Unveils Visionary Project at MIPIM 2024

"New Murabba represents a pivotal moment in Saudi Arabia's economic journey," declared Michael Dyke, Chief Executive Officer of New Murabba Development Company. His statement resonated throughout the halls, underscoring the project's significance. This meticulously planned metropolis is envisioned as a launchpad for discerning investors, offering the opportunity to participate in the Kingdom's exciting economic transformation.

The anticipated economic impact of New Murabba is projected to be transformative. This visionary development is expected to attract substantial foreign investment, contribute a remarkable $50 billion to the non-oil sector, and create a staggering 334,000 jobs by 2030. New Murabba transcends luxury; it represents a commitment to progress and shared prosperity.

New Murabba is not simply a development; it's a blueprint for the future. By embracing cutting-edge technology, environmental responsibility, and economic growth, this visionary project is poised to become a global benchmark for urban development. The invitation from New Murabba Development Company is clear: be a part of shaping the future, a future where luxury meets innovation and progress thrives. The world is watching, and New Murabba beckons those with the vision to join in its success.


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