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Richard Mille Cup: A New Classic Yacht Regatta With A Modern Twist

Richard Mille, the Swiss luxury watchmaker, is known for its innovative and high-performance timepieces that combine cutting-edge technology with exquisite craftsmanship. Now, the brand is bringing its passion for excellence and elegance to the world of classic sailing, by sponsoring a new regatta that celebrates the beauty and heritage of vintage yachts.

The Richard Mille Cup, which runs from June 10 to 25, 2023, is a unique event that features 11 yachts dating from the late 19th century to the late 1930s. the yachts, which must have been built before 1939 or be faithful replicas, are divided into two categories: schooner and cutter. The regatta is a combination of offshore passage races and inshore day races, covering both sides of the English Channel.

The race starts in Falmouth, England, where the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club hosts three days of coastal regattas. Then, the yachts sail to Dartmouth, where the Royal Dart Yacht Club welcomes them. Next, they head to Cowes, the home of the legendary Royal Yacht Squadron, which has ruled the world of yachting for over 200 years. Finally, they cross the Channel to Le Havre, France, where the Societe des Regates du Havre, the oldest sailing club in France, greets them.

The Richard Mille Cup is not only a tribute to the history and tradition of classic sailing, but also a challenge and an adventure for the sailors and their crews. The English Channel is known for its rough and unpredictable conditions, which test the skills and endurance of the participants. The race also requires a balance between respecting the original features of the yachts and adapting them to modern safety and performance standards.

The winner of the Richard Mille Cup will receive a magnificent trophy created by Gerrard, the storied British jeweler that made first America’s Cup sailing trophy in the mid-19th century. The trophy, which stands one mater tall, is inspired by both classic and contemporary design elements, reflecting the spirit of the regatta.

Richard Mille is no stranger to classic racing events, as it has been a longtime partner of various classic car races, such as Le Mans Classic. The brand also has a presence in modern sailing events, such as the Monaco Yacht Show and a regatta in St. Barthelemy. The Richard Mille Cup is a new venture to showcase the brand’s affinity for both heritage and innovation.

The Richard Mille Cup is an invitation-only event that promises to be an exclusive and exhilarating experience for sailing enthusiasts and collectors. It is also an opportunity to admire some of the most beautiful and iconic classic yachts in the world, such as Moonbeam IV, Mariquita, Altair, Tuiga, The Lady Anne, Mariette, Atlantic, Kelpie, and Thalia. These yachts are not only stunning works of art, but also witnesses of history and culture.


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