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Safilo Group Terminates Licensing Deal with Chiara Ferragni Amid Controversy

Italian eyewear maker Safilo Group SpA has officially ended its licensing agreement with influencer Chiara Ferragni, following a series of controversies surrounding charity donations. The termination, announced through a statement on Safilo Group's website, cited the "violation of contractual commitments" as the reason behind the decision. The move comes in the wake of the Italian competition authority's recent imposition of a substantial fine on Ferragni's companies for alleged unfair commercial practices.


In September 2021, Safilo Group and Chiara Ferragni announced their collaboration to design, manufacture, and distribute an eyewear collection. The partnership aimed to leverage Ferragni's widespread influence and fashion sense to create a successful and mutually beneficial venture. However, recent developments have cast a shadow over this collaboration.

Controversial Charity Practices:

The controversy surrounding Chiara Ferragni centers on the sale of Ferragni-branded cakes to raise funds for a children's hospital in Turin. Italy's competition authority, in a recent decision, imposed a fine exceeding €1 million ($1.1 million) on Ferragni's companies for engaging in unfair commercial practices. The authority found that Ferragni misled consumers by implying that the entire proceeds from the cake sales would go to the children's hospital.

The investigation revealed that the manufacturer had already made a fixed donation to the hospital before the launch of the initiative, raising concerns about the transparency and accuracy of the influencer's communication. This discrepancy led to the imposition of the substantial fine on Ferragni's companies.

Safilo Group's Decision:

Safilo Group's decision to terminate the licensing agreement with Chiara Ferragni reflects the severity of the situation and the eyewear maker's commitment to upholding contractual integrity. While the company did not provide detailed reasons for the termination, the broader context of the charity controversy suggests a breach of trust and credibility.

The termination of such high-profile partnerships is not uncommon when brands and influencers face reputational challenges. Safilo Group, as a prominent player in the eyewear industry, likely prioritizes its brand image and values, and any association with controversial practices may be seen as detrimental to its reputation.


The termination of the licensing deal between Safilo Group and Chiara Ferragni is a significant development that highlights the growing importance of ethical conduct and transparency in influencer marketing. As influencers continue to wield considerable influence over consumer behavior, brands are becoming increasingly vigilant about protecting their image and ensuring that their partners align with their values.

This incident serves as a reminder to both influencers and brands about the importance of maintaining honesty and integrity in business dealings. Safilo Group's decision sends a clear message that violations of contractual commitments and ethical lapses will not be tolerated, even when dealing with high-profile influencers. As the landscape of influencer marketing evolves, collaborations will likely be scrutinized more closely, emphasizing the need for clear guidelines and ethical standards in these partnerships.

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