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Saudi Arabia Showcases Its Rich Heritage And Diverse Civilization In Paris

Saudi Arabia Showcases Its Rich Heritage And Diverse Civilization In Paris

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently held a scientific symposium in Paris to highlight its cultural and historical legacy and the archaeological treasures it hosts. The symposium, titled "Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Civilizations", was organized by the Heritage Commission, in cooperation with the Permanent Delegate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to UNESCO.

The symposium featured presentations by a group of archaeology experts from the Kingdom, who reviewed the vast and diverse civilizations extending across the Saudi lands and the Kingdom's efforts in archaeological exploration and excavation. They also discussed the most prominent stages of development in the interest in antiquities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over more than five decades.

The symposium also showcased the recent archaeological discoveries of joint Saudi international missions, which have received wide global resonance. Some of these discoveries include the oldest human footprints in Arabia, dating back to 120,000 years ago, the ancient rock art depicting dogs and humans hunting together, dating back to 8,000 years ago, and the mysterious stone structures known as "gates", dating back to 7,000 years ago.

The symposium's topics also included the most important archaeological projects currently being undertaken by the Heritage Commission, such as the restoration of historic buildings, the development of museums and heritage sites, and the digitization of cultural heritage. The symposium also highlighted the Kingdom's initiatives to preserve and promote its cultural heritage, such as the Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to diversify the economy and enhance the quality of life, and the AlUla Framework Agreement, which aims to protect and develop the ancient oasis region as a global destination for culture and tourism.

The symposium was attended by a number of officials, diplomats, researchers, media representatives and members of the public. The event was part of the Heritage Commission's efforts to introduce its civilizational and historical components and the archaeological and heritage treasures and sites it embraces. It was also in the context of building and strengthening bridges of communication with bodies and organizations related to heritage and highlighting the Kingdom's projects in preserving cultural heritage.

The Heritage Commission is a governmental body established in 2020 to oversee all aspects of cultural heritage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is responsible for conducting archaeological surveys and excavations, documenting and preserving heritage sites, developing museums and exhibitions, promoting public awareness and education, and fostering international cooperation in the field of heritage.


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