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Saudi Coffee Research Grant: Nurturing Cultural Heritage and Economic Growth

In a groundbreaking development, the Ministry of Culture has successfully concluded the screening and evaluation phase for submissions to the Saudi Coffee Research grant. Launched in collaboration with the Saudi Coffee Company, a subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund, this initiative signifies a pivotal step towards advancing research on Saudi coffee as an intangible cultural heritage.

The primary objective of the grant is to enrich scholarly investigations that delve into various facets of Saudi coffee. By fostering the development of the coffee industry as a national cultural product, the initiative is designed to attract researchers and specialists from diverse fields who are keen on exploring the multifaceted dimensions of coffee.

Having received a plethora of submissions, the ministry has approved 20 research titles, showcasing the global interest in understanding the cultural and economic significance of Saudi coffee. Researchers whose proposals have been selected will not only benefit from financial support but will also receive scholarly assistance throughout the research process, extending to the publication of scientific papers.

The grant encompasses three fundamental tracks, each contributing to a comprehensive understanding of Saudi coffee. The first track focuses on coffee in the Arabian Peninsula, unraveling its historical origins, manufacturing processes, and its proliferation within the Kingdom. The second track aims to explore the intangible cultural heritage surrounding Saudi coffee, delving into the associated knowledge, skills, social traditions, practices, and cultural handicrafts. Lastly, the third track seeks to bolster local content by supporting Saudi coffee production, enhancing its competitiveness, and contributing to the transformation of the Saudi economy into a sustainable model.

This initiative is part of the broader "2022, The Year of Saudi Coffee" program, an ambitious venture launched by the Ministry of Culture with support from the Quality of Life Program, an integral component of the Saudi Vision 2030. In collaboration with the Culinary Arts Commission, the initiative aims to study the Saudi coffee market comprehensively. It seeks to not only preserve the national cultural heritage and values associated with Saudi coffee but also to highlight the cultural significance, promote national identity, and foster the global dissemination of Saudi coffee culture.

The Saudi Coffee Research grant stands as a testament to the Kingdom's commitment to preserving and promoting its rich cultural heritage while simultaneously contributing to the diversification and growth of its economy. As researchers embark on their respective projects, the outcomes are anticipated to offer invaluable insights into the historical, cultural, and economic dimensions of Saudi coffee, propelling it onto the global stage as a symbol of heritage and economic potential.

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