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Saudi Designer Lina Alhussan Writes A Love Letter To Her Country Through Hand-Illustrated Scarves

Lina Alhussan is a young Saudi designer who is passionate about her heritage and culture. She founded Wahy, a local brand that creates luxurious scarves with hand-illustrated patterns inspired by various regions of Saudi Arabia. Each scarf tells a story of the Kingdom's history, nature, art and architecture, and celebrates its diversity and beauty.

Alhussan started Wahy as her final project for a bachelor's in Fashion and Textile Design at Princess Nourah bin Abdulrahman University. She wanted to fill a gap in the market for unique and meaningful gifts that represent Saudi Arabia and to counter the negative stereotypes that often surround her country. She says, "I noticed a gap in the market for unique and meaningful gifts that represent Saudi Arabia. I wanted to create pieces that carry the story of my country within their folds".

She draws inspiration from Islamic Design, which features geometric shapes, floral motifs, calligraphy, and intricate patterns. Also incorporates elements from different regions of Saudi Arabia, such as the colorful wall decorations of Asir, the historic Salwa Palace of Al Diriyah, the flower from the Nabataean tombs of AlUla, and the coral architecture of Jeddah. She sketches each pattern on paper before transforming it into digital drawings printed on silk. She works with a local supplier who imports high-quality fabrics for her scarves.

Alhussan's scarves are not only fashionable but also meaningful. They reflect her pride in her heritage and her vision for the future of Saudi Arabia. She says, "I want to show the world the beauty of my country, its rich culture and heritage, and its bright future".

Her customers can find her products online, but she hopes to soon display them in physical spaces such as pop-up stores. She also plans to expand her collection with more designs and products. She is supported by her family, who help her with finance, accounting and marketing. Her mother, who is also a designer, gave her confidence and encouragement from a young age.

Alhussan is one of the many talents Saudi designers who are making their mark in the fashion industry. She is part of a new generation of creative entrepreneurs who are showcasing their country's culture and identity through their work. Wahy is more than just a brand; it is a love letter to Saudi Arabia.


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